Live Client Guide (macOS) 1.5.72191

Heroes Share Live lets players view live game information and MMR previews for their games, or for anyone that uses the Heroes Share Live client.

Getting started

You will need to download and install the Live client on your computer.

  1. Be sure to read our privacy policy and disclaimer
  2. Download HeroesShareLive.pkg
  3. Open your Downloads folder, right-click HeroesShareLive.pkg and select "Open" (don't just double click)
  4. If warned about an "unidentified developer", click Open anyways
  5. When prompted, enter your password to complete the install

Once the client is installed, play your first game! During the loading screen (picture of the map with both teams) your Battle Lobby file will be sent to our server. You can then find your game on the Live games index, or you can keep open a browser that will always watch for your latest game here:

Where is the client installed?

The Heroes Share client is installed in the Application Support folder of your root Library: /Library/Application Support/Heroes Share
In addition to the application data Heroes Share includes two LaunchDaemons to keep the script watching for new games and to keep the client updated. Should you need to adjust these, you can find them located here: /Library/LaunchDaemons/
To assist with diagnosing issues we've included a small script that you can run from Terminal (see above): /usr/local/bin/share


Heroes Share Live is still very new and in its beta phase. There are bound to be issues that come up, and when they do, you can help by reporting them. Visit our Contact page to report issues and ask for help.
Some general steps to try:

If you are still experiencing issues please send a copy of the log file "watcher.log" to us along with a description of the issue. See the Contact page for ways to reach us.

To check on basic issues:

  1. Navigate to Applications > Utilities
  2. Launch Terminal
  3. Type "share" and press enter
  4. Output should be as follows:
    • Script status and process ID
    • Timestamp for last replay check
    • Timestamp for last upload
    • Last few lines of the current log file

What goes on your computer

The client is very "thin" as most of the processing happens on our website. The code is all open source and can be reviewed on GitHub. Below is a summary of what each file does.

Note: The macOS installer package is not currently signed so will display a warning when you try to install. Right-click the package and select "Open" to override the warning. You may also adjust your security settings:
System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General > "Allow apps from"


Using the Heroes Share Live client includes sharing up-to-date information about you and the other people in your game. We take privacy very seriously (see our Privacy Page) and information gathered from the live client is handled with the same sensitivity and security as the rest of this site.
By using the client, as well as this site, you agree to our privacy policy. Read the policy