Manage our overlay and chatbot for your live stream.

Getting started

Use the progress monitor to guide your setup: Twitch setup

In order to register your stream for Twitch services, you will need to tag your player(s) with the Streamer tag.
Verification is more likely to go through if you link your account (see FAQ).

  1. Visit your account's BattleTags page
  2. Once your player is verified, click on its BattleTag to visit the player page
  3. Under "Tags" select "Add tag" and enter your Twitch channel URL in the field
  4. Submit the form and wait on verification

If automatic verification fails it may take up to 24 hours for manual verification. You can assist the verification process by making sure you have uploaded your replays and by keeping your stream live during the review process.

Overlay preview


See it in action!

Streamers can install the Live overlay to provide in-game talent selections, hero info, players stats and more. The extension works in conjunction with the Live Client to gather information about your game and share it to your viewers in an interactive video overlay.
To use the extension first complete the Twitch setup on our site, then head over to your Twitch Dashboard, Extensions and search for "Heroes Share" to install and activate for your stream.
BETA: Some features of the extension will be available for free during the beta test that will require a premium account on launch.

Chat bot

When a new stream is registered our chatbot, HeroesShareBot, will join the stream chat during your next live stream for introduction. You (or a moderator) may send the bot away at any point by typing "!share leave" in your chat. Once the bot has been sent away it won't return without intervention from a admin - reach out to us from the the Contact page if you need help.
HeroesShareBot will respond to a number of commands (see below) to allow your viewers to access replay info relevant to your stream. A number of the command responses include links, and a few are multi-line responses, so please be sure to make HeroesShareBot a moderator to prevent accidental bans or message deletion.
HeroesShareBot is an official Twitch verified bot.


Commands are issued with "!share [command]"


Using the Heroes Share with Twitch includes sharing up-to-date information about you and the other people in your game. We take privacy very seriously (see our Privacy Page) and information gathered from our bot and extensions are handled with the same sensitivity and security as the rest of this site.
By using these services, as well as this site, you agree to our privacy policy. Read the policy