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Heroes Share Live lets players view live game information and MMR previews for their games, or for anyone that uses the Heroes Share Live client.

How it works

Users need to install the Heroes Share Live client on their computer. The client watches for new games in progress and parses the replay file stubs to load game details. This happens in two stages:

After the files have been processed and uploaded anyone can visit the live games list to see game details, or use the latest game tracker to automatically update the page as new games load. Once the game is complete the client will attempt to upload the replay to HotsApi.

Visit the Guide for a complete list of each file installed and what it does (Windows, macOS).

Client updates

The parser included with the client is specific to each patch of the game. This is a limitation of Blizzard's parsing protocol, and requires that a new version of the client be installed every time Blizzard releases a patch. If you notice your games are stuck as "Preview mode only" you likely have an outdated client.

The client now has an autoupdate feature that will try to install the latest version available from our website. You can check "version.txt" in the application folder to see what version you have installed. If automatic updating fails, check "updater.log" for details and install the latest client manually.


This feature is still very new! We are bound to have issues. First step, always make sure you have the latest client software installed. Next use the log file to diagnose basic issues and discover helpful error messages.

Visit the Guide for more OS-specific steps (Windows, macOS).
If you are still experiencing issues please send a copy of the log file "watcher.log" (located in the OS-specific application directory mentioned above) to us from the Contact page.


Blizzard's EULA states:

Data Mining: Use any unauthorized process or software that intercepts, collects, reads, or "mines" information generated or stored by the Platform; provided, however, that Blizzard may, at its sole and absolute discretion, allow the use of certain third-party user interfaces.

Blizzard has stated they are conditionally okay with this method of gathering in-game information, but you are ultimately responsible for what you install and use. is not responsible for account violations related to unapproved use of non-Blizzard software.

Modifications: Modified versions of the live client are prohibited from submitting live game data to the website.

Contact: By using this client during the beta test you agree to be contacted about product updates via the email associated with your account.

Statistics: Basic game information is parsed, analyzed, and provided directly by . Beyond that, MMR data and other statistics come from partner sites. A special thanks to Heroes Profile for the in-depth hero information.


Using the Heroes Share Live client includes sharing up-to-date information about you and the other people in your game. We take privacy very seriously (see our Privacy Page) and information gathered from the live client is handled with the same sensitivity and security as the rest of this site.
By using the client, as well as this site, you agree to our privacy policy. Read the policy