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Live games

See the Live Games docs for more info


Question: When will the website beta end?

Answer: We're working as fast as we can! There are some key features we want to have in place before we do a full run through of all the backend for quality and performance. After that we have a facelift coming for the appearance and user interface. Then we'll be ready to declare it out of beta!

Question: Why isn't everything free?

Answer: We are proud to offer as a resource for the community, mostly because we love Heroes of the Storm™. There are a lot of expenses associated with keeping the servers running and developers to maintain the site and add features. As matures we hope to be able to tune our services and costs to get you the most value.
After infrastructure and developer costs, we will also be donating a portion of proceeds monthly to our replay provider, HotsApi. Please consider visiting their Patreon and making your own donation.


Question: Can I upgrade my premium account?

Answer: If you have an existing purchase you can still make additional purchases. Prorated purchase values remain consistent between tiers. Making an additional purchase for your existing tier will extend the expiration date on your current purchase.
e.g. a Bronze account expiring in one month; an additional Bronze purchase will extend the account to 13 months
Purchasing a different level tier will change your account and prorate your expiration based on your current premium account value.
e.g. a Bronze account expiring in six months (a $2.50 value); a new Silver purchase ($10) will last 25% longer and expire in 15 months
e.g. a recent Gold account (12 months, a $20 value); a new Silver purchase ($10) will result in a three year Silver account.

Question: Can I get a refund?

Answer: We cannot issue refunds. If you have an issue with your account or purchase, or feedback on why you are unsatisfied with our service please contact us.

Question: Why is my account suspended?

Answer: Accounts may be suspended for spam, intentional misinformation, or attempted hacking, identity theft, or other illegal activity. Premium accounts subject to suspension may forfeit benefits without opportunity for reimbursement. If you believe your account was suspended in error please contact us.

Question: How do I add my BattleTag™?

Answer: You can link as many BattleTags as you want to your account. uses Blizzard OAuth to link your BattleTag to your account. From the BattleTag section of your account, select your region and you will be redirected to Battle.net for login.
Note: if you are already logged into Battle.net you may need to log out before adding additional BattleTags.

  1. Visit your account's BattleTags page
  2. Click "Add a BattleTag"
  3. Use Blizzard's Battle.net™ OAuth to authenticate your account
  4. When you return, verify your BattleTag and select the regions where you play that account
  5. If your player accounts don't verify automatically check your email for follow-up steps

Question: Why is my BattleTag "unverified"?

Answer: Your BattleTag itself has been confirmed, but in order for it to match up to your Heroes of the Storm "Player ID" there is an additional step to match it to a full (e.g. PlayerName#1234) BattleTag recorded in a replay. If your BattleTag doesn't verify immediately you can expedite the process by making sure your recent replays are all uploaded. If it hasn't verified after 48 hours, please contact us.


Question: Where do I upload my replays?

Answer: Replay data comes from HotsApi. Visit their upload section to use the web uploader or download the Windows automatic uploader.
For macOS you can use one of the third-party uploaders:

Question: Why can't I download replays?

Answer: Replay downloads require a premium account. Bronze account downloads are limited to your own replays, and require a verified BattleTag to be linked to your account. Not all replays are available for download (see next question).

Question: How long are replays kept for download?

Answer: Once a replay has been downloaded, will store it until our next storage infrastructure change (currently: indefinitely). Replays that have not been downloaded to our storage remain available through HotsApi as long as their retention policies allow. Currently replays are held according to the following criteria:

  • Games that took place in last 90 days (Hero League)
  • Games that took place in last 30 days (all other modes)
  • Games uploaded in the last 7 days

Question: Why are my replays missing?

Answer: Replay data comes from HotsApi. In order for your replays to appear in you (or someone else in your game) need to upload them.

Live games

Question: Why do my games say "Preview mode"?

Answer: Short answer, update your client.
Live game data collection happens in two stages: "Battle Lobby" (during loading screen) and "Rejoin parse" (about 1 minute into the game). In order to parse the data from the second stage the client on your computer needs updated software from Blizzard each patch. If the client is unable to process the second stage, your game on our site will stay in "Preview mode".

Question: Can I get back those awesome sounds?

Answer: Sounds were disabled due to them being overwhelmingly annoying. If you'd like to re-enable them, place a file named "EnableSound.txt" in the Heroes Share application directory (help me locate). Or, use this one-liner to copy-paste into "Run" (Windows-R):
echo. > "%APPDATA%\Heroes Share\EnableSound.txt"