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Storm League

Our upstream replay provider, HotsApi.net, is currently not serving Storm League replays. We’re reaching out to the dev to try to get to the bottom of it, but in the meantime Storm League replays will not be available (but Live Games still work).


There are a number of great tournaments going on. If any of our users are active in the tournaments please consider endorsing our Live Client for tournament play! The more games we can get the more we’ll have for testing to improve the service.

Featured Games

We’re getting some updated games on the Featured list that our staff believe are worth checking out! Check them out at Games Browse.

Have a game you’d like to see featured? Send us a request from the Contacts section! Featured Games show up at the top of the browse list, receive a special tag anywhere they are displayed, and are free to download for anyone.

Heroes Tag Browser

One of our devs took a small side project into the Heroes of the Storm game data. Check out the Tag Browser - a way to view heroes by their internal Blizzard characteristics:

Heroes Tag Browser

Goodbye Hots.dog

We were very sad to see another partner site shutdown. A heartfelt goodbye and thank you to MJibson and all the work that went into Hots.dog!

Full BattleTags

We've been back and forth on whether to display players' full BattleTags (name#xxxx) instead of just the name portion. While this information is easily accessible in many places, Blizzard also has taken some partial measures to conceal them.

In the interest of supporting some Sharer's requests, we will be allowing logged-in users to view the full BattleTag of any player they have been in-game with over the previous week. This behavior mimics Blizzard's own approach where a player may access another player's BattleTag from a game just played.

Since privacy is always of utmost importance we are also introducing the option to hide full BattleTags for any of your linked Battle.net accounts. Visit your account page under the new Privacy block to adjust this setting.

Access to a player's full BattleTag allows sending friend requests, and nothing else.


We are sad to see a partner site, Heroes Profile, close in the wake of the recent announcement. Heroes Profile provided unique and accurate stats across a huge variety of criteria. They also were Heroes Share’s source for some player statistical data for live games and our Twitch extension. Until we connect with another provider some of these resources will be unavailable.

Heroes Share remains committed to the HotS scene and we continue to focus on non-statistical metadata and social connections. We will maintain our partnerships with other stats sites to bring you the best HotS data available.

HGC Cancellation

We were very sad to hear Blizzard is discontinuing HGC and reducing the number of developers on the HotS team. Our sincerest condolences to all the people who lost their jobs and work as a result.

Heroes Share plans to continue development and support as long as HotsApi makes replay data available. We still have some exciting new things in the works - look forward to sharing!

New Menu

We've unified "Replays" and "Live games" into "Games" and given them one new easy menu item, complete with universal search and filtering!
Our "Players" section has also been so popular that it made the top-level menu as well. Try the new interface and let us know what you think from the Contact page.
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Live Game Previews

Blizzard provides heroprotocol (https://github.com/Blizzard/heroprotocol) for parsing replay data. Blizzard has yet to release the latest protocol for today's patch which is causing many games to be stuck in "Preview only" mode. Until the updated protocol is available expect issues.