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Live Game Previews

Blizzard provides heroprotocol (https://github.com/Blizzard/heroprotocol) for parsing replay data. Blizzard has yet to release the latest protocol for today's patch which is causing many games to be stuck in "Preview only" mode. Until the updated protocol is available expect issues.

Overlay Languages & Server Load

Hello! Great improvement from the dev team... our Twitch Overlay now supports multiple foreign languages! Any language supported by Blizzard will have available translations in the overlay.

An unfortunate side effect of the new translations (and general popularity of the overlay) is that we've reached our capacity on server load. We are working to optimize the current configuration but please be patient with slow load times and outages.

Or you could all buy premium accounts and we could add more servers. Just sayin.

Update to Twitch services

We are working on some major updates to the infrastructure that runs our Twitch services. This will lead to some great new features and closer integration between our chatbot, overlay, and website.
In the meantime there may be intermittent lapses in service starting Monday October 29 through Wednesday October 31. Apologies in advance for any trouble caused!

Availability Update

We have updated resources and performance and believe all services are fully functional. Please contact our support staff if you are still experiencing issues.
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Server Availability

The Twitch Overlay open beta has been extremely popular! Thank you to everyone for the interest.

But you’ve maxed out all four of our servers. We will be making resource increases and performance adjustments tonight to increase capacity. In the meantime the site will remain available “first come first serve”. Please be kind and don’t spam the refresh button.

Twitch Overlay Open Beta

We are very excited to announce the initial public release of our Twitch overlay, Heroes Share Live! Check out a preview or head over to the Twitch docs to get started!

More details on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/heroesofthestorm/comments/9or7rs/hots_twitch_overlay_open_beta/

Twitch Extension Beta

We have begun beta testing our Twitch video overlay! The extension provides live game details to viewers in an easy-to-access interface, accessible right in the stream video. Head over to our Twitch docs to learn more.
Want to get setup? Check out our new Twitch setup utility.
Interested in helping? Fill out the Twitch extension beta request form and we'll be in touch.

Feature Preview: Twitch Overlay

We’re pleased to share that our Twitch video overlay is getting closer to production! Check out our recent Reddit post with details on functionality and links to some preview pictures:


Website Themes (WIP)

We've had a lot of requests for a dark theme so those second monitors don't blind you in game. Our current design will get an overhaul before we move out of Beta, but we don't want anyone to go blind in the meantime!

Introducing: Midnight Theme. Visit your Account page and edit your Profile to choose the theme that is right for you. More themes coming down the road!

500 Users Giveaway

We are proud to announce we are approaching 500 active users on the site! In order to celebrate we will be selecting a user account at random for a free Gold premium account. If you’re a casual browser without an account, sign up for one now (free) to get entered!