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HotsApi Outage

Our replay provider, HotsApi, has been offline since 7/21. Most game data will remain outdated until the issue is resolved with their servers.

Recent outage

We experienced about a five day outage where the server was still running but the application was failing to load. Services are back up now, apologies for the lapse in service!

Twitch API Updates

Twitch has made some recent changes to their APIs to make series more secure. Heroes Share just updated our backend code to be compatible with these changes - please report any issues with Streams, Chat Bot, or the Twitch Extension using the Contact Form.

Stay Home

Good job.

Server Updates

There are some rolling updates being applied for the next hour or so to improve site performance. If you experience issues during this time period please wait and try again.

Live Client and macOS Catalina

We've discovered an issue affecting the Live Client for macOS the prevents the client from working on macOS Catalina 10.15 (released this week). If your client is not detecting games correctly we recommend uninstalling it until a fix is available.

Backend updates

Hi all! There have been a lot of changes in the HotS website realm. With HotsLogs offline and Heroes Profile going through a site rework our team will be doing a lot of corresponding backend updates. Most of this should go unnoticed but hopefully the overall result will be smoother performance.

Please report any issues you encounter using the Contact page. Thanks for Sharing!

HotsApi Uploader Issues

We’ve heard reports of the Windows HotsApi uploader not completing replay uploads, even after displaying “Success” to the user. As a precautionary measure we recommend all users update or reinstall their uploader to ensure replays are being passed to our upstream provider.

The Heroes Share Live Client is not affected by this issue, and will still successfully upload games as you play them.

Anduin tagged

For all the newcomers, check out our mini-project of exposing hero tags:

Storm League

Our upstream replay provider, HotsApi.net, is currently not serving Storm League replays. We’re reaching out to the dev to try to get to the bottom of it, but in the meantime Storm League replays will not be available (but Live Games still work).