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Welcome to , replay sharing and metadata for Heroes of the Storm®.

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New Feature: Live Games!

We are very excited to be bringing live game previews to the website! This new feature is still very experimental (and currently only available for macOS), but we need help testing it. If you play on macOS and are interested in checking out details of your game as you are headed into it, go check it out.


The Future of Replays

Our replay provider (HotsApi) is facing growing financial issues due to increased data storage. There is an active conversation on Reddit about how to handle replays moving forward, one popular option being to remove replays more than three months old to save on costs.
Heroes Share would like to hear from you! How long should replays be stored? Would you support HotsApi and/or Heroes Share if it meant retrieval of your replays longer? Send us some feedback, or join the conversation:

Conversation on Reddit

MMR Rollout

We are slowly adding MMR data on players. You might notice our "easy read" quadrant of MMRs on some players around the site. If your player is missing MMR data, be sure to link your BattleNet account, as linked accounts have priority for MMR rollout.

Currently MMR data comes from HotsLogs, but in the future we will have data to compare from other partner sites.

Battle.net bug fixed

A few users reported getting a blank screen while trying to verify their Battle.net account. This issue is now resolved. If you tried adding your Battle.net account after July 5 and were unable to verify it, please try again.
If you need more assistance please visit the Contact page for help.

Streamer promotion

We’ll be teaming up with some of the lesser-know streamers out there to promote their content during the last weekend of Blizzard’s “Twitch drops” promotion. To encourage new streamers we are offering 50% off on Premium Gold Accounts to verified streamers through the end of the Blizzard promotion (July 9).
To take advantage of this discount:

Welcome new users!

We’ve had a rush of new players recently, so if you are new: welcome! Heroes Share is still in beta and we are rolling out new features and improvements daily. If you don’t see something you want drop us some feedback, or just tell us how we’re doing, over in the contact section.
Here’s a sneak peek at what we’re working on right now:

We hope you enjoy the site! Thanks for Sharing, and see you in the Nexus.

Twitch Reply Bot updates

We've heard your feedback!
HeroesShareBot is getting some big changes based on your suggestions and desires. These changes will be rolled out gradually, with some of them live today.

If HeroesShareBot hasn't visited your HotS Twitch channel yet, please make sure your account is linked to your BattleNet BattleTag and that your stream is properly tagged on each player you use (remember to check all regions).

New Stats Site: Heroes Profile

Heroes Profile just launched, a new HotsApi-based site for Heroes of the Storm stats. http://www.heroesprofile.com

From their Reddit announcement and Q&A:

"Heroes Profile provides individual player statistics and information for Heroes of the Storm. The site shows Leaderboard data, Player comparisons, Calculated MMR, Match History, Basic Match statistics, and an individual profile with Player statistics for each Hero and Map."

HotsApi restored

After a week of parse errors HotsApi is once again accepting replay uploads! If you use the Windows uploader then it should automatically re-attempt uploads for replays that failed during the outage. (macOS users on the Electron uploader see below)
There may be a delay in processing and posting all the backlogged replays so please be patient if your replays do not show up right away. Head over to our Contact Section if you have any questions or problems.


HotsApi Electron Replay Uploader for macOS stores upload history in ~/Library/Application Support/HotsApi Electron Replay Uploader/upload-data.json - deleting this file or removing failed entries in it will force a re-upload attempt on next launch.

ISSUE: No new replays

Our replay provider (HotsApi) has been unable to accept new replays since the patch last Wednesday (June 6, 2018). The problem is caused by a change Blizzard made in the replay storage format that now tracks which users have voice chat silenced.
The HotsApi developer is aware of the issue and working on a fix. We will post updates here when it is resolved. Until then no replays will be available past 6/6/2018. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Verification email updates

We've had a couple reports from users that verification emails were delayed longer than felt reasonable. We pushed out a backend update to the email system that should improve performance.
If you registered for an account but never verified your email address you may receive an additional verification email. If you deliberately didn't verify, sorry for the spam!

Twitch Replay Bot launch

Streamer? Twitch regular? Keep an eye out for HeroesShareBot, our new Twitch bot for replay summaries and metadata info!
The bot is in early beta with limited access, but we'll be opening it up soon to anyone. If you're a streamer and want to try it out, make sure you are uploading replays to HotsApi and have your stream linked to your player account here on Heroes Share.

Open Beta Begins!

The beta test has gone very well, no load issues. We're opening up the beta to anyone, no longer requires a beta key.

We also just launched our Reddit Replay Summary Bot; go check it out!

Beta status update: Search

Our load testing during closed beta has done exceedingly well! We've decided to open up the Search functionality of the site to non-account holders. Previously this was behind the account wall because it is the most load-intensive function on the servers, but even with the launch traffic rush we've had no bottlenecks. So if you haven't received a beta key yet, go check out replay searches!

Beta Launch Live

Welcome to the beta launch for Heroes Share! On the spectrum of "sooner" to "complete" we have erred on the side of getting this out and usable as fast as possible. Please be patient with any issues you run into.
We welcome your feedback. There are a lot of performance improvements and features on the way, but we also want to hear what *you* want. Head over to the contact section or catch us on social media.

Finally, thank you! This site wouldn't be possible without the HotS community.